Question: Do new planes come from different factories

I ask this because they arrive with different fuel levels, see picture

These are bought within the same minute, but all arrived with different fuel levels.


Could be the reason why there is different fuel.

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Some prply did more test flights, or got vectored who knows

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Im more inclined to say its random. But it would definitelly be cool to see different planes come from different factories. 737s from SEA ,A320s from TLS, 787s from Charlottesville (i think).
You could even track “delivery flights” on the radar


I am pretty sure it is random. Same with the generic traffic, they have different fuel levels every time they arrive.

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Ofcourse the fuel levels of arriving new planes is random. But because of that it made me think about how realistic it was. :wink:

About generic traffic, I like to think that those fuel levels depend on where they came from. Like it is with our own planes.

Well, I don’t think the generic traffic has a big range of destination they are coming from. I think they all flying return flights, like it is with our planes as well.

A return flight or a destination. Those planes came from somewhere :wink:. So fuel levels could depend on that.

The fuel level might be random… but what would give me more to think about is that a brand new plane out of factory is already filled with pax and cargo ^^


That’s the special add-on package :joy:

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