Question: Selection of Contracts

The game leaves this part pretty open ended, and I’m having a hard time figuring out what I should be looking for in a contract…

For contracts of owned planes, I see that there is demand for a given city, and that there are three classifications of seats (although I’ve only seen Business and Economy on my jets?) …

If demand does not meet the number of planes capacity, Will we expect lower profit?
What defines a good contract? For the small plane contracts that are now in the 8 to 10 handled range, they give significant XP over other options, is there any reason I would ever cancel the contract? Most importantly, if I do cancel the contract do I start back at 1 handling/xp if I reopened it?

At this point, I have just been picking all flights from a favorite airline or city…

If capacity exceeds demand you will get less passengers on each flight, thus reducing profitability.
I’m curious about cancelling and restarting and what that does. I will need to ask about that one.

I think a cancelled transferred contract is lost forever.

Your question gets into demand… which is a system I still don’t understand.

(1) I know that the demand isn’t capped per day, as I can have a contract that I service 10 times in a day not lose passengers / cargo.

(2) Is it per contract? So it basically tells us which plane / config will operate at close to max capacity?

(3) Is it total among all of our contracts?

Its just a little confusing and hope the devs shed some light on it soon.