Rebuilding airports

I recent pulled a full reset on my airports and Im struggling to rebuild, I have rebuilt Bari and inn, but I am on prg and struggling to get planes out on time

picture of what I have, I have an m size stand as well, any tips to earn money quicker to rebuild?

Well, I did the same. And how I did was I opened S type Stands first, from 50 to 57.

Stands 50 to 53 open only for S type

Stands 54,55,56,57 for S type and 58 for L type
Then I opened 1 L at 58. Until now I do not have M. Now I just save money and upgrade my equipment. Once I can send 1 L aircraft with 1/4 time remaining. I open the main terminal apron on right most side of it.

This is the apron right above stand 57,58. Gives you 2 L and 5 M stands.
At this point unlock 2 more L and buy the equipment as well. Once you can send all L planes in time, you will have enough money to buy 5 M stands and start earning and super speed. After first upgrade your equipment to Max and buy enough equipment to avoid shortage.
Now it is your choice, you want your own aircrafts or you want to expand first. I went for expansion. I opened other aprons and enable X type aircraft landings. And then Cargo. And then I opened all M stands 1 to 24.
Here I started investment in S type ATR planes. They are cheap at 22K each. Once I had a fleet of about 15. I opened another row for S type to handle all that were incoming (60,61,62,T6). Next I started buying E190 M types.