Receive planes(closed)

Hello guys,I have have got some planes for connecting at BRI all are small planes the are atr76,
two b463,two E170,dh8d and a crj900 if you want a connection say the plane you want and send me your username

Ill take any of them at LEJ or PRG

Ok I will send you one


@Plane_Enthusiast Hi !! I Have 3 AT43 and one AT76 to send you in LEJ :+1: ok ?

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@Player1233 If you can send to me two B463 and 170 Planes in BRI ! Thanks

I cannot because the are at BRI so I can send them at PRG

Ok ! Don’t worry . Thanks

So should I send them at PRG

No !!! let’s say I’m playing a bit with all the airports I’ve unlocked. mainly focused now on IAD. for PRG there are currently 30 or more player planes :smile: (currently level 58) :+1: thanks


Can you send crj9 to PRG?

Username: Player9696036275