Reduce time for purchase golden


Please reduce time after purchasing golden plane from silver

It’s took 1 week time once we purchased it

Don´t forget, it´s the possibility for the developer to earn money. Not everything can be free, even if people demand it more and more. I earn each week 15GP and I haven’t needed real money since the summer. Sure i cannot buy every livery or plane, but I don’t have to own everything right away. So i think it´s ok, it is balancec for player and developer.


Got it

But only 1% want to purchase this

One thing more

I don’t need free it,
I earn it to playing this game, I spend my time on it…

So don’t say it’s free

You don’t pay for it, it’s free. There’s no required ads either. I highly doubt this will change, because it will essentially kill the game if they give more and more away
So as much as I understand the frustration. Not going to happen


At some point, the devs need to cover the cost of development. If you don’t want to purchase this, fine, but you’ll have to live with the disadvantages of it. The value of your time is not greater than the value of the devs time to make. Creators get to set the price.

I do think many things are priced unfairly right now. A B78X with a supreme livery, when the cost is covered from GP → USD via the purchasing cost in store, is worth $25-30. I personally think that that is excessive for a single texture within a mobile game. But as I said above, if I don’t feel like the purchase gives adequate value, then I just have to live with the consequences and grind of it!


Bro If they not change something it will definitely kill that game…

See Play Store Rating

It’s goes down from 4.2 to 3.7…

On Apple Store it’s at 4.5 stars I think

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So your answer is to threaten the devs with bad ratings to get what you want.
What will happen is no game for anyone and where will that get you.
Think about it. Your frustration will cost hundreds of thousands of players access to a game they all love because you won’t pay for it and you want to get more stuff for free.
You have a choice, pay and speed through the levels or don’t pay and play the long game…