Reformation of routes for standard airlines

When playing with the 3:1 ratio at some of the single runway airports I’ve found some really strange routes of the WoA standard airlines that are far away from existing routes. E.g. Austrian Airlines is flying to AMM from PRG & BRI, Swiss is flying to ADD from PRG, Korean is having also strange pax flights from PRG, NGO & SAN. Besides that those routes don’t exist in reality there are no traffic nor 5th freedom rights for those airlines there. Furthermore those Saabs, ATRs and Dashs flying thousands of miles without refueling stops do really hurt my aviation heart.

With plenty of airlines implemented in WoA already it would be cool to get more realistic routes and a kind of reform within the future, e.g. for Season 5 or 6.

If you need any help on cleaning up those old routes and create more realistic routes for the existing planes feel free to contact me, I’d be glad to help.

P.S I’d also suggest that there will be a new category called M+ for upcoming subtypes so that you can serve short long distance routes e.g. IAD-LHR or PRG-ADD with an A320, A321, B738 but not with an E190 or B734


It’s definitely a mix of Reality and fantasy but it’s definitely meant to appeal to those looking for a real Tycoon type game vs. the Junk larger companies dump out there in the play store.

They are definitely a smaller more independent company that has been steadily building through trial and error their airports while trying to make them interesting and relatable to a very general audience.

I try to keep some reality in my play like generally not sending M types over the Oceans but then get a Kick out of American, Delta, and United coming into Bari. Maybe they will introduce a certain reality mode later but right now it’s the appeal.

And it is one of the few games right now that does not have Ads unlike so many games now where it can be as bad as 5 seconds of play 30 seconds of ads. For this I actually do occasionally buy Gold Planes.

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