Rel 1.40.4 Bug Reports

My apologies.

With the virgin Atlantic a346. I havent had the problem. But I’ve only had it at MCT since update.

Not sure if it’s a bug or a “feature”. The fuel service countdown is much slower now, something like 30% slower than the other services (i am NOT talking in relation to the passenger service at the gate, which is indeed faster).

Not Sure but the Planes after you Left the game and rejoined the game. The planes Land Sorted after the Type

  1. At PRG: INN smalls will not turn on
  2. At IAD: Water salute for other player planes (not sure this was always this way) never seen it before
  3. Unlocked M at IAD showing two available slots for JFK but when using take off menu there is no JFK

Water salute for player planes had been confirmed new
Jfk is a maintanence only

I littraly siad that. Although, it seems faster in the apron then the jet stand. Even with the passangers

Water salutes: It’s actually not new. It used to be that way and got turned off by the devs, not sure why it’s back but it’s not new

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So dose it happen every time a player plane lands first time or same plane, multiple times?

After the 1.4.4 update, I find I can’t disable or enable S plane from PRG airport in INN. And same situation I got in BRI, I can’t disable S plane from INN.

So every time a connection partner arrives it gets a water salute, interesting concept

OK JFK maintenance only I think I’ve heard that in the past

Minecraft trees in Washington.



On August 26th @SomeGuy98345 posted this information in the (now closed) “Bug Reports for version 1.4.3 release”.

When I send planes to my connection partner and keep playing I can’t send the next planes to his/her airport after they’ve been sent back.

I have to go out of my airport and back in to make it work.

This problem is still around in the latest release. And not only for connection partner planes. Can anyone confirm?


A346 window lights are wrong, same with A332, 333 and 343 unknown

Yeah this still exists

Did anyone else feel boosting at MCT works quite slow than other airports? Specially for X categories.

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Itsbonly seems to be jet stands, not apron stands and it’s at all airports

Fuel especially, all other services are fine, I think they forgot to actually shorten the fuel with time

I will tell you, that after the new update, the overall timers for the bigger aircraft of your partners seem to have been increased significantly. an A380 for example (in WOA time) is over 100 minutes. So the panic mode we might have had before on that front maybe over and fix some other issues with accepting partner planes and them running out of time, still have issues on our own planes I think.