Reset Game

New to the game but I like it alot. I finally got a feel for how everything works but I wanted to start over however it does not appear this is an option? I cleared the cache before uninstalling and my original account is still there when I reinstall WOA. Any suggestions?

You already can reset your airport’s. If you go to “choose airport” just Klick on the red button. Then you got a new try there.

Hi, no it’s not a true reset. Anything you unlocked is still in place even if you press that restart button. What I am requesting is starting over as if you were a brand new player

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On iOS you can deactivate Game Center, delete “World of Airports” and reinstall the game.

I don’t have gamecenter active and have deleted the game twice and it always comes back where I left off. I want to Reset the game to start everything from scratch.

If you are on an Android device you can uninstall the game, go to your Google play Games App, Select the 3 dots icon, select settings, scroll down to your data, select Delete Play Games account & data, then delete the stored info for WofA and reinstall the game. If this doesn’t work, repeat process and delete your Google play Account as well.

I have iOS. I’ve deleted the game 5 times and not connected it to gameplay. Yet it still comes back to where I left by off. I even went so far as to turn off iCloud but it still comes back so I just fully deleted the game. I liked the game but it’s dumb you can’t easily start back from the beginning.

Just reset the airports you played and start them new.

It’s not truly starting from scratch. Once I figured how how to play I’d like to start from scratch. Resetting the airport only resets the airport not the game play. You stay on the same level you were on. I want to start back at level one.

Is it possible to create a second user account in the app store? Probably that could help.