Reward calculation changes

Just looking at this on the community feedback & it looks like a few changes in store. Selling aircraft until maintenance C you will be given in game money, after that golden aircraft depending on tier. S = 1 M =2 L = 3 & X = 4. Might be an idea to sell some of those heavies. Plus looks like San Diego is delayed. At least that’s how I read it

I recall that ATRs were the best to buy and immediately cash in for gold coins. But it seems like now the Saab costs W7000 less and both yield 1 gold plane. Is there a better option?

Bummer on SAN delivery. I was looking forward to an update on Anniversary tomorrow.

As far, as I understand from description of this feature, option of getting 1 golden plane from selling Saab, immediately after purchase will not be available anymore. Only after service for several weeks/months, after C-check. So, maybe it is good opportunity to collect as much golden planes as possible, because, looks like, in nearest future that will be not so easy to do.

SAN has been delayed due to an illness in the dev team, which i understand has now cleared up, but has put back their time-scale as you might imagine, with a small team doing all of this.

The reward change is necessary as it was too easy to build up large amounts of Gold Planes, I myself have built up over 500 and know folks who have way more than that. although it will hurt if you don’t have enough to build out SAN, but from a dev point of view, might persuade more people to purchase, which is really what it needs for this game to survive long term.


Yeah I agree, once you get a large fleet it is easier to build up the golden planes so this was probably overdue. I’m quite happy to pay for things to support the developers, the game deserves it


so, do you think a smaller (S type / M type ) fleet will be better than large ? i currently have 3 x 787s , can sell them for 11 gold planes each, if the above is right, they will only be worth 3 in the update ?

is that right ?

That is how I read it.

I best get all my planes up to maintenance levels then flog them before i update with the new release then : (

Yeah I’m selling those that that are due a C maintenance then working backwards. I don’t think I’ll have enough money to replace all the L’s & X’s though.

I hope we don´t sell our planes in panic. I have sold many of my L/X planes before C maintenence as well trying to save as much golden planes as possible for the future. I understand the devs steps. The f2p game model is based on microtransactions, this game almost does not have any. Fortunately devs have great support from players not only by buying the golden planes.

I understand. There are three games mixed in…

(1) Airport Operations
(2) Owning your own planes, fleet management
(3) Inter-Player

If we take #2 and liken it to owning an airline, I would certainly take money from one hub to build another (they should offer a way to do my own turn arounds at other airports as part of #3, but I digress).

The only way, right now, to transfer money between airports is through the gold plane currency. And, the transaction looks like the buying and selling planes.

I’m excited to see what they have in store in the new release. They’ve done a great job in keeping the complexity at a manageable level.

So I have a question…

All the golden planes that I have now and which I changed for bought planes until now will stay at my account after new update?

So then the best way is to buy and change as much as possible now?

And when do you think(expect) the new update?

Imagine you had bought gold planes for real money. Wouldn’t it be a pilfering if they had been taken away?
You will surely keep all your gold planes.

@shill would you have more information on how this new change will work?