I like the game very much but there is one thing I would love to see in future: More goals/rewards to complete.
Even though or maybe because I play daily I receive a Haugland visit only once in a couple of weeks and my connection rewards are claimed. In the game right now you get less rewards if you play more and the benefits (golden planes) are really irrelevant once you have your own fleet. So at one point the motivation of playing is getting less. It would be nice to see some more/new rewards in the game.

Some ideas in regards to connections:

  • Connection rewards not stopping at 100, continue to 200, 300 etc.
  • If you change a player connection you can reach the targets again

It would be nice to see some more relevant benefits on “milestones”. e.g. a special A350 livery, when you have completed 500 streaks on NGO-IAD, a special A380 livery for 500 streaks on IAD-NGO or a special A320 livery for 1000 streaks of PRG-BRI.
These liverys should not be unlockable with golden planes and only available for players that completed the milestones with playing.

That are just some ideas… What do you think?


I like the idea with the special liveries. Maybe this could be combined with a design-contest by users where you can unlock liveries that users have created only by reaching those goals


I also like this ideas. Even if I would need months to reach the goal. Unfortunatly I have a real life with work and beauty sleep (you’d know why if you’ve known me). But the game is meant to play it longer than just a few weeks.
Thumbs up for these ideas :+1:

I like making the connections go up by 100 and getting gold planes similar to the haungland counter

yeah, and I think better if we have the choice to apply same livers for Boeing and Airbus .

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