Route updates

I’m curious if some of you who have been playing this game longer know, but as new airplanes come out. Are older airports and routes updated sometimes with the new aircraft type? Like Innsbruck is maxed for me, all routes and all planes. In future updates will new aircraft/airlines be added to keep the older airports fresh? I’ve noticed the E170 is mostly in muscat as I believe it was released at the same time. Would be nice to see some added to the previous airports to keep those airports fun. Thanks :pray:


Yes, some airlines do go for earlyer airports, like the a380 china southen gust got added and is at PRG

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Yes they are, for example with the recent update, Hong Kong used to only have Cathay pacific a350s, that was before, but now with he Hong Kong cargo 332f, it has since been added to the existing route

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That’s good to know, I’m loving this game and hoping I won’t get bored once all my connections have been completed and all routes and flights have been unlocked.

Yeah, any time something is added, there’s a high chance there might be something new on existing routes