Routes? Modify to be in hanger?

I’m wondering why routes are planned at an airport.

I’m thinking it would be more appropriate in the hanger as executives and corporate chooses routes supposedly in life?

Any suggestions for a newbie with Inn airport routes and BRI?

So the route system is getting redone this update (if it ever comes). It would be contract based with the airports where you can specify the airline and type you want. I think one of the dev blogs explains it.

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I see I maybe not the only one frustrated with routes and that it’s on the ramp where they are edited….thanks!!

On routes if someone can point me to how to add routes I’d appreciate it. There’s so many posts I don’t know we’re to look since I don’t see a how to thread on the form.

It’s the button to the right of the button you tap for building stands at your airport.

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