Runway Occupancy Time

I have been playing for a few weeks now and I’m enjoying the game, however it really annoys me how long it takes for large and especailly extra large aircraft to vacate the runway.

In reality they would be vacating the runway as soon as possible with some airports around the world mandating the preferred exit to maximise runway utilisation.

I suggest that where rapid exits are used the exit speed is higher and that extra large aircraft exit on one of the rapid exits rather then using the full length of the runway, so that no matter what aircraft they will all use one of the rapid exits. Adding to this would even be S/M aircraft using the 1st exit, L aircraft using the 2nd, and X using the 3rd.
This would enable a higher arrival rate, allow more gates to be used, and most importantly at single runway airports less queues (If Line Up and Wait is also implemented)


I agree, we have suggested this a few times. Its up to the devs to decide now.

As for this, i doubt devs will change which planes use which exits. The real problem is that, as you mentioned, rapid exit taxiways arent used correctly. Planes slow doen to taxi speed while still one the runway and then slooowly exit onto the rapid exit taxiway. This is even worse than with regular taxiways because the rapid ones have a linger curve, and they are also much longer (at least the part which connects to the runway). This means that rapid exits are actually slower than regular 90° deg. exits.

Edit: actually you suggestion for S and M planes exiting on the first stand is technically implemented on INN :joy: