SAN | Houston not playable as destination?

I searched the forum but could not find any mention of this.

Does someone know?

Tbh, I’d rather fly to Honolulu than to Houston :crazy_face:
But it’s strange anyway.

Sun wise smart thinking, money wise may be not so :smile:

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Covid-19 in USA- Am I a joke to you?

Huh? What do you mean?

No, the pain for traveling now. Last month I went to Kolkata from Siliguri. (Cities in West Bengal, India). It is a 1 hour flight but wearing face shield, 2 masks and PPI if booked in middle seat.
When coming back we decided to take the train only.

Oh, I was referring to the fact that Honolulu is a wise decision it you want Sunshine, but gamewise you make more money with a flights to Houston.

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