SAN | X planes arriving when no X stands unlocked

This morning I got a visit from the X plane Edforce One as part of the achievement for having planes serviced. As I have not unlocked X stands I just let the timer expire.

Immediately after that the B747 from Aerosur appeared, also X. Its destination(s), Santa Cruz was mentioned in the plane panel while it is supposed to be Viru Viru, are both not on the list of airports in SAN.

Am I missing something?

This seems like a bug… Might to shift this to Bugs Category

Pretty weird but tho

I think as achievements they’re coming no matter if there’s a stand for them or not.
I had that when I started playing this game and got a Haugland visit (B738), but still no M stand in Innsbruck.

I didn’t come across that issue in the Airports I have played in

I got the level rewards and Achievements where the rewards is a Special Livery M Plane … It only came up after I brought my first M stand couple of days later

That I can understand. That is why I let it expire.

But getting a regular “game plane” when there are equivalent gates or stands looks like a bug to me.

Sorry, I thought the Aerosur B747 was also an achievement

it is an achievement, VVI is it’s home base but it’s the reward for completing level 19 on SAN.

In IAD, it’s both destination aircraft and an achievement.

You are right, I see that now. But what I can not understand is that both X planes appeared right after each other, while there should be a whole level to complete between them :thinking:.

But the conclusion is that it is no bug, thanks for pointing it out.

I will say in your defense that I have seen some strange ones too. So it might still be a bug.

We give it the status of undocumented feature then. :wink:

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It also happens with connection players X planes.