Secret Addition - 1.40.1

It hasn’t been officially announced, but it’s there.

A333 has been added to the game.

Generic Airline - Delta
Player Liveries - Snow White, Basic, Stripes and Gradient

cost: 21 GP’s to unlock and 275,000 to buy.


Interesting… Any idea if the A340 is getting remodelled soon?

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The A340 may be remodelled
Devs have told me that the A340 may be remodelled after MCT gets released so we could expect it

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Great, now just wait for CSA livery

First we gotta get the delta livery in the runs, it’s not in any destinations


We also need a better livery in my opinion. It looks like the A332 livery was stretched onto the A333.

It doesn’t look right, also seems the basic livery has it expanded on to the stabilisers.

Whilst discussing the A333, may I request that the Turkish A332 is added on the IST - MCT route? Be nice to see MCTs long haul traffic diversified, we have the routes but not the airlines.

Will the DL A333 be on the IAD - MCT route? Would be nice to see it at MCT.


so far, I’ve seen no sign of the a333, but I haven’t checked NGO,SAN or MCT, don’t have them yet.

but its definitely not at INN,BRI,PRG or IAD

They are there, but it seems the developers have forgotten to add it to any routes. Will most likely get added to routes in the next update.

oh, ok

I think it’s pretty rare for the developers to forget something like that

agreed, but given the speed 1.40.1 came out, I am not surprised. It was a hidden surprise behind the bug fix, so the focus was getting that done rather than making sure all i’s got dotted and t’s crossed on the inclusion of the 333. I am sure it will get fixed in the next update.

Yes v1.4.1 and v1.4.2 came out fast, maybe

It has happened before, an example includes the British Airways 787 (which is still really underused, being on only one route from IAD).

Maybe it was because the A330 have some issues, probably the livery won’t load or the aircraft has some issues.

Hopefully they can make a A333RR to add more airlines
Love the secret addition!

Cebu pacific is on candidate list for A330, irl, they own A330-343 (RR) so we might get the RR engines too