Significant FPS drop after re-entering the game

Hello, I don’t usually give feedback on mobile games, but this one is to good, not to mention my only point of disapproval with it.
I played the game now for about 2-3 months and I am very satisfied, however I have noticed something that always spoiled my enjoyment of the game a little bit: I have a Realme X2 Pro with a Snapdragon 855+, an upper midrange processor (not top-of-the-line), but not in any way slow in particular. When playing the game for a long time, the game seemed to switch from perfectly smooth ~60hz gameplay down to 4-10 FPS (according to Realme, statistics) I also have to note that I have a Full-HD Display not a QWHD. This drop really puzzled me and I turned on 30hz mode, which unsurprisingly did not resolve the issue. The phone became warm, but not to a thermal throttling level. The live game-statistics too ‘confirmed’ that the Chip was not running above 55% (not sure if that is correct however). I then suspected that the memory was not sufficient and closed all background tasks/apps, to no avail. (8GB system ram) So I then just assumed that there might be a memory leak in the game or the OS was poorly optimized. But now I recently launched the game again after a fresh android 11 install and it ran smoothly ~60hz, until I switched tasks and switched back into the game to 4-10hz and I cannot explain myself what the problem is, nor who may be in charge of the problem, but all I can say is that my hardware, at least, should be sufficient (and apperently is, sometimes) . If this would be a regular game that I come across, that you play for a week and never touch again, I would not bother to complain, but I want to play your game and I really enjoy it! I can certainly tell that there are passionate Devs with pleanty of aviation knowledge behind them and I sincerly hope that you can improve upon the performance, as that is the only problem that is hindering me from fully embracing your game.

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The next update is going to have a totally new performance optimization. You can check their feedback portal for further information.

I’ve forwarded this on to the devs. As @paru_69 said devs are working on something but this is a good thread of your experiences.

Thank you