Some ideas for the game!

Hello guys!!!

i have some ideas about the game tha i want to share with you!!!

  1. how about to put nickname change option. im saying that because for ex. i want to make one of my country Airline and i want to change my name.
  2. i know some staffs in the Photoshop and i want to ask if i can help you make some airplanes!!!
  3. Wind direction and weather auto changes

This for my first ideas!!! if i think more i ll write the below!!!

With Regards
Steve Tsirozidis


Hi Steve,

  1. Game is linked to game centers and that can be a little bit problematic. Even if only Apple doesnt allow user account name change we have to follow same principle for Android (android vice versa).
  2. We are not using photoshop for 3D modeling and liveries, but thanks for offer.
  3. Thatcher already on The list with additional ranking step for de-icing, but way to early to tynk about those things to be added.