Some more suggestions

A few more ideas from playing lately

  • A ‘Continue Game’ button - if the game is interrupted by a phone call, after the call the game should not restart immediately. but should pause and have a continue button. I put the phone down after a call and it kept running and I had no idea. Screwed up stuff a bit.

  • Can we have more colours on the liveries like Orange?

  • Can all buttons with writing on them be bigger with bigger fonts eg. destinations of own planes or no of goldies needed to buy liveries. Cannot read them at all on my phone especially if they are deselected.


I’m in total agreement with the “pause function”, along with what I think is potentially a bug where planes coming from other players (connections or otherwise) disappear when you reset the game for any reason, it’s so frustrating, happens in the landing queue, on the ground. especially when it’s a connection partner and both of you lose out.
Also while this is completely my fault, I couldn’t tell you how many times i have fallen asleep while playing only to wake up and find my airport in disarray and my bonus at -50%, a pause if nothing happens for say 5 minutes would be awesome.

Let’s hope that you’re not an Air Traffic Controller in real life :rofl:

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A pause button wouldn’t exactly work because of player planes and stuff but they could work something out…

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in my younger years, i did think about it, but i chose the much safer accountancy route… millions of lives can rest easy as a result