Statistics on player owned aircraft

Would it be possible to get a statistic how many planes of an aircraft type have been bought by players?

Since there is a lot of demand in the forum of players that want to see old aircraft I don’t see them ingame when I have to handle them at my airports. Most players tend to use actual aircraft types instead of the old stuff. So my question is if devs would be wasting time developing old models that will be used by a loud minority only?

I’d also like to see if players prefer rather Airbus or Boeings if the type is similar (e.g. A320 vs B737, A350 vs B787).


I’ve not seen a comet for months altho I do like the concorde

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Comets are worthless after the update that changed gold plane value and revenue. Got rid of mine after the maintenance issue with that update, and it’s value going from 36 gold planes to 2.

It would be nice to know how many of each aircraft type has been sold, and how many passengers our aircraft have carried over their service life with us.


Honestly I think most of the older stuff will end up as reward types for completing levels rather than playable.
Personally I’m an Airbus guy, I currently have 274 aircraft (down from over 350 before the update)
My long haul fleet is 90% 350 and 380 with a smattering of others thrown in for research purposes, plus Wave livery on a 747 is wonderful

Medium haul fleet is changing, I used to be solely 320’s and that made up 95% of the fleet, (not a fan of the 738). But since the 757 and 734 joined I have bought a bunch of those. Lines livery on a 757 reminds me of Britannia when I was a kid. I have a few 190’s and 738’s again for research purposes.

S fleet is mainly 146’s

I’ve got pretty much all the current cargo options

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I run both… Airbus at INN, PRG and Boeing at IAD, SAN and NGO. I just cashed in almost $W1m on maintenance for A380,s D.

What’s the best course… sell to get 4 gold planes or does maintenance roll around back to A?

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Once past D you lose the gold planes and your only option is scrap but it does go back to A in terms of mileages between maintenance

Every second = 1 passenger ??

I don’t buy golden planes so I have to wait for golden planes.
At INN- 1 saab
At BRI- 1 ATR72
At PRG- mixed combination of 7 S-tier planes (I have kept 7 because there are 7 gates in the 70’s)
At IAD- 1 saab, 1 CRJ700, 1 E190.

Sadly 1 have a small fleet. I want to have long hauls but I can’t buy.

Crap… thank you! I’m trying to get more gold planes so I appreciate the tip… so, sell just before running out of D… got it! Love you, man.

Based on flights operated (B738 189X2 for a return trip)

Yep you got 12 coming right there :slight_smile:

Mainly a Boeing man here, especially the Ms. I let the big ones generally go thro maintenance D & use the E190s for the golden planes. You can buy 9 of them for one A380 so get 18 golden planes instead of 4. Just put them on the longest route I can, I don’t think I’m the only one doing this judging by the number I receive at NGO & IAD. I did try the jetstream from SAN to IAD but apart from it being unrealistic it was gone so long I thought it had disappeared from the planet!


Do you have many L/X? How do you deploy those?


I have a lot, a few go on the long haul connections but the bulk go on the shortest route I can get them on.

I do the same. Thanks for the collaboration.


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