Stop Complaining and Grind it out!

The new update is a new challenge. I started this game 3 weeks ago and am fine. Just grind it out and earn the W to unlock the arrivals. Stop complaining that the game is not fair and hard, work harder!!!


Well not everyone can play this game on a daily basis.


Means what?


and well this is easy for you to say.


Great to know you’re up there on your pedestal. Not all of us have hours a day to blow. The fact is they didn’t warn us- Yay for your starting three weeks ago. I started a week ago and it’s Euchred me.

When you start your next airport we will see if your opinion changes. Cause that’s where the problem lies. Anyways- stop telling people to stop giving feedback.


Feedback - yes why not it is always good. Complaining about exactly same thing in multiple thread - not sure if thats still lies in the category of feedback.

Noone knew what was in devs mind (including me!) till it was done and ready to download. I like the new system because game was simply to easy (idle clicking not even single glimpse of thinking required before just spam cargo planes and have unlimited amount of money and planes).

Suprisingly noone noticed in previous patch that income for a single flight increased by like 30-35% average (as a preparation to future new features and costs).

For the record - I am also playing on 2nd test account where i have 3 stands in INN and 3 in BRI and it is still ok for me.


I am not on a pedestal, just saying that it’s annoying to hear all the complaints. They didn’t give us a warning but a warning wouldn’t have changed much. This game isn’t bringing in millions of dollars I assume so we should be lucky there are even updates. Yes I play this game very often so maybe that’s why I am fine with this update.

Worker Harder - Means to play more I guess. You can’t expect to have everything if u don’t play much.

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Devs are very used to see only 95% complains as feedback or comments (those who like the game and changes usually not commenting anywhere - they choose to play the game instead even if its a little bit more demanding here and there).

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Exactly. Took me 6 years to max out in Clash of Clans. People expect to play part time and get big results

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So why didn’t you say “Play more”? Work harder means to me I wouldn’t do enough to have the airport I’d like to have. I spend all I can give from my real life time.
And yes, I was complaining. Complaining about the less information I get. Complaining about the much more money I have to spend to have first all handlers running in a way it makes it smooth enough to handle a plane before the time runs out. Complaining about the thousands of W I need to buy a plot for an airplane.
The problem is that I knew how it was to play this game before the update. I could play it every now and then knowing that I won’t be the king of the game but having an opportunity to grow by time. Now the time is stretched to a half eternity and I’m not sure if many will stop playing because of the less success at the beginning of this game.


Well said.

Maybe I didn’t look at it the way u explained. Basically a lot of hard work down the tubes. I understand what you mean now. The dynamic of the game has definitely changed. Hopefully the future will be better for how u play the game. Cheers


A warning would have changed a lot for us little timers. We would have been told and would have stopped buying docking stations for planes we can’t land in a week anyways. So now we are left with all the slots we worked for but can’t use them because the destination slots cost thousands of dollars. So basically we have all been working for nothing.

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And no. It’s feedback. Maybe if y’all are changing game mechanics you should have the courtesy To tell us a few days in advanced. Every other app I use does this, y’all should too.

Talking to other people about the same issues is feedback. Do you see me flooding the page with bs? No. How you expect to know how we feel about thinks when you tell everyone they’re complaining? Hours wasted for slots I can’t use and you call it complaining? No. That’s called customer feed back. Thanks tho :roll_eyes:

Dont be that harsh, some of us noticed and were very pleased :joy:

Well… yes but no. Stands cost on average 5k per stand and destination and landing slot purchase for M planes costs around 10k. Knowing not to buy stands wluld have helped you, but it wouldnt be game changing

No. Again, you’re clearly only thinking about yourself. The majority of people who play this game don’t have thousands to blow on slots. You may but the majority of us don’t. It wouldn’t have only helped me but have helped the other people in the same position as me.

So you agree with one statement big guy said but not the fact that I agree with the same thing? K bud.

If I already have the stands that I worked for- then why should I have to pay another 5 to 20 000 per stand to use them? That’s makes no sense. We should have been allowed to keep what we previously worked for before hand. And then started fresh from the update. So people like me who have only been on this for a week wouldn’t have lost all the progress they worked for basically.

Having stands is one thing. Unlocking destination is new (and thats in line what devs decided to keep game alive [free game]).

You may like it or not. Life.


I am in this majority. I entered the update with a max of 30k combined in BRI and PRG. What youre forgetting is that i also had a 30 strong fleet of planes that were half imobilised. We were in the same boat.

It does. Even IRL you can build as many stands as ypu like but if you dont have landing slots with airlines to fill them they arent used. In this metric the new system is actually more realistic