Stuck on loading screen

I have new phone(xiaomi redmi note 9 pro), and when i was trying to load WOA, it freezes on loading screen, i was waiting for 15 minutes and nothing happened

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I have a s20fe and haven’t had this issue, but it may be your phone, so I reccomend an upgrade, but do what want

Hello, I have the same issue with a 1 month old Iphone XR, it never had any issue with the game, i highly doubt its because of the phone

Alright, so I’m not sure, you may have to contact them on facebook

i was waiting for update and after the update it’s working, so i don’t know why it was freezed

IDK how it acts for you all, but for me, the logo shows for a second before cutting to the animated backdrop, not loading anything. This is after I boot up the game, before reaching the main menu.