Suggestion: Reduced aircraft handling for certain scenarios


I feel to make it more realistic when handling a new aircraft you shouldn’t have to unload passengers and cargo and the clean the cabin as when bought new it is already empty and clean so therefore you should just Load pax, cargo, fuel and catering. The same when sending an aircraft for maintenance. You unload and clean then fuel the aircraft for its maintenance flight so when it is repaired and returned to you, all you have to do is just load it up again.




I agree, especially maintenance flights, no need extra loading and boarding, also it will be easier to choose destination for other aircraft and refueling will be determined and adjusted accordingly.


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This has been raised before, the response from the devs is that it’s a game coding issue on the part of the handling section and differentiating is rather difficult, so maybe some day it will happen

Many agree with you for sure, but I think we are stuck with it for now.

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The process needs a minor amount of time and it’s probably easier to use it this way than writing an extra script for the mainainable planes.

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