Suggestion: Separate Indicator Sound

Would it be helpful to anyone else if there were a simple, optional sound effect to indicate when something goes yellow? Nothing elaborate or energy-consuming, just a tick or a beep would be enough.

Some of my cards stack too wide for me to see, even when I hide most. Also, I play to keep alert while working a sometimes mundane office job, so I am not always looking at my planes. I do, however, turn my background noises off while at work or to save my battery. So a separate indicator sound would be nice.

Also, since I’m here, feel free to add me as a connect. Username: kiilau (I usually play during the daylight hours until around 11pm Hawaiʻi Standard Time)

(EDIT: specified that I meant an optional sound.)

All I shall say is, it would get really annoying really quickly.

I imagined this as well lol, so I think having an on/off option like the other sounds would be equally helpful.

The right indicator doesn’t even show at any airports of mine.