Suggestions and questions

Hello, new player here from Sweden.
Started playing during the weekend by reading the “How to play” and info and INN suggestions.

And I love this game so much. Even Inn is a fun airport, even tho I don’t have comparison yet haha.

I do have some questions.
I am lvl 6 atm.
I have a few gold planes.

I have ATR the two first one in my fleet.
I’m not so big into rushing thru. But I will rush untill I get to PRG and then come back to complete the connections achivments.

Why is it recommended to rush to PRG and then come back? In the info I believe I read " come back when you have a lot of money"
Because W is not moved at all between airports?

I do understand PRG can handle bigger and more planes than Inn or BRI. Is that the only reason?

Do I sell or keep my ATRs?
When and what planes should I keep?

Where is a good option to spend you first gold planes?
In what airport and
On what?

So far, if I understand the info correctly, the only thing that is unlocked only with golden planes is some aircrafts and paint jobs.

my experience…

i rush airport one by one and then move on, i complete every task at all before move.
it’s my fast way to get gold plane to use to unblock bigger and bigger planes.
i overcame inn very fast, now i’m on bri, completing all task, but still can’t move because my fleet miss of one L plane, just miss few gold to buy it, then move to prg and more.

Do not sell ATRs, you need it to get money fast (more they go, more you will get gold selling them at the right moment)
try to buy planes with a good ratio

Let’s see if I follow. Do you complete all tasks also the connection achievements? Or all the objectives tied to that airport expect for the connection to players.

And then you say airplane, do you mean for your fleet? Or unlock in the hangar? If I got it that is two different things?

So now at BRI your looking to unlock all the L planes. Do you unlock them in the hangar or in your fleet page?

yes all tasks also the connection achievements.

tip: it’s hard to find MCT connection.

i don’t get the second part of your first answer.

second post answer: to buy L Planes for your fleet you need almost 20 gold.

First airport with L planes is BRI and to complete some connection tasks you need to have L plane in your fleet.

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Cool thanks :+1::grin:. No worries.