1. More airports :
    As the name suggests, there must be many airports in the game. I hope you come up with more airports. Refer to "Wikipedia list of domestic and international airports in the world. And step by step, all will be included in a phased manner.

  2. More airlines :
    Refer to Wikipedia list of domestic and international airlines in the world. And same, include it in phased manner.

  3. Airport terminal :
    There must be a game mode allowing services inside airport terminal. First Class, business class, and economy class, all three must be separated and managed to earn income in the game. Eateries, shops, and airlines specific rest area for first class and their catering, security check, and making passengers happy by giving them appropriate services like food and items from shop that they would like to buy, depending on satisfaction and completion of task in time, u get money. Differently abled services also include in airport terminal.

  4. Pick up and drop from airport :
    Every airline does offer pick up and drop facilities to and from airport. This can be included in game. Just take example of sim taxi. And reaching safely without bumpy ride and on time makes you earn money in game. Airline logo included in airline taxi. This is also a suggestion.

  5. Game developers:
    I know you are working on this game. But it would be much better if you pay full time attention on this. The success of the game is the reason for it to make more better.

  6. Cam view :
    Availability of Cam view from cockpit, inside plane, control tower, and inside terminal.

  7. Music :
    It is high time u change the music of the game. A light instrumental music will be good.

  8. Popularity :
    To make game more popular, the simple fact is to spread a message by game users online and offline. I did my part online. Offline I will do when lockdown ends. Also, aviation enthusiasts can be reached to have a look on this game. More money and more popularity, will lead to more developments in the game.

More suggestions I will give, as I get to know more, when I play the game. Till then, thank you.


@Aman08 did you ever play airport inc on the pc back in the early 2000’s that was a good airport development and infrastructure game which had loads of cam views.

No I never played, but I travelled in planes just 8 times, but was enough to make it a memorable ones.

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It’s amazing to look down as the world flys by, if only space tourism was setup already.

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Some good suggestions. They are working on the next airport, Nagoya airport in Japan. More airlines and aircraft will come eventually too.


  1. They are doing this, NGO is next, and 3 more are on deck (see main screen of game) along with DXB and SYD, they take time to render and make sure they are as accurate as possible.

2.Airlines, the last 2 updates have seen a significant uplift in the number of airlines included, even today they added Air Canada. The issue here potentially is licensing the likeness of the liveries into the game, I am sure they have to get approvals to do that.

  1. Like others I remember airport inc and putting check-in desks all over your terminal floor. I could see that being a spin off from this game, but that’s an awful lot of work to bolt into this game, on my iphone this game is already 449mb, which is in the top 20 or so in terms of size, adding this in, may make it huge and slower if it has to handle all that on top… however I DO like this idea…

  2. As a mini-game idea, sounds like fun, however a bunch of folks are not already fans of the marshaling game, so adding another one, may not go so well.

  3. Developers - Are you kidding me? they are spending a ton of time on this game… 2 updates in less than a couple of weeks is damn impressive in the current climate. Let’s compare this to UATC, which has not had any kind of update in 5 months (yes that’s MONTH’s), so give the guys a break on this one.

  4. This is also a UATC thing, it’s a nice to have, not a need to have. more airports, more planes etc, are way more fun… have to say when playing UATC, i used those camera view (apart from the control tower one) very rarely.

  5. I always turn the music off, so I’ll defer to you on that one.

  6. i found this game by a sheer fluke of looking up airport games on the app store. I would agree this would definitely benefit from message spreading… Particularly as it’s one of the very few out there that isn’t driven by the need to go to ads all the time, which often ruins a perfectly good game.
    8a. To everyone on this forum, because of #8 and the ability to get gold planes from selling your fleet, I advise everyone periodically to go out and buy more… I did yesterday… only by buying them will the game truly survive the way we want it too.
    8b. To the developers. I advise you create some bigger gold plane offerings. While it’s great that the top package is only $11.99, i’ve played games where the top package is $99.99, and while to be a worldwide game, many are not going to be able to afford that (including me right now) something in the $20-$30 range, saying $19.99 for 100 and $29.99 for 250 might be very enticing to some of the serious guys…

Overall @Aman08, some good ideas there, but you have to be careful not to make the game so big it’s unwieldy to play, having NGO next will mean 5 airports than you can play, with all the connections and everything that goes along with it… It’s getting bigger and better all the time. It is very clear the devs have a whiteboard somewhere in their homes (assuming not working in an office right now) that has the pathway for the future game. I will say that they are pretty responsive to issues and requests if they can fit them in, they usually do…I’ve played some games that you may as well speak to a brick wall.

There is a reason this is probably over the years the best game of it’s type i have ever played and I played one solidly for 7 years and spent a ton of money on it (hundreds and hundreds of dollars), this is still better than that.


I do agree with you that some suggestions if implemented will create more storage space in mobile device. May be a different version that can be played in PS 4, not on mobile, have some solutions to it, no storage problems. Although I don’t have PS 4, but I am planning to buy in a couple of months. So, there may be different versions of the game, one that can be played on mobile, another that can be played on PS 4. The profits from PS 4 will be enough to make a long sustainable development for the game.

As far as game developers are concerned, yes they did confess that they do have less time and money for the game. To help them out, I spread the message of popularity and support. So that they become full time professional here. Trust me, the flyboys just toyed with the idea of developing a game, but once successful, they started doing serious work, never to look back again. Although developers did achieve a lot I see that, I hope the target they had set, they can achieve in time. Waiting for trains too. :smirk:

Storage space no problem. We aviation enthusiasts are ready to delete other apps like facebook and whatzapp, for this wonderful game. We are ready with external SD card storage too. We will buy. But we like developments, storage should not be a constraint. :sunglasses: