The developers seem to disappear on us!,,,

Since the. major update, I no longer see developers interact with us and not even the main website was updated under feedback, I hope they are working on something special and if they are on holidays they should let us know so we don’t bombard them with questions and suggestions.
Many thanks

They are moving the new items and updates over here. They are busy on fixing bugs and initial changes for 2.0 and of course working on the next larger changes.
Trust me. I talk to them directly along with Tomas and others, and they very much know everything that’s going on and the asks from the community. So they are there. Even if they aren’t speaking individually as themselves


Ok, thank you for keeping us alert and updated

I hope they are fixing the level system because it’s way to Grindy right now. You could play for hours and not get anywhere

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hey, left them relax a bit … it is summer time :slight_smile:


Whatever they’re working on, even with some bugs and aspects that need fixing. I just wanna say thanks for this game and the recent livery inclusions.

Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got cooking up

Dev blog 16 gives you a little insight. But they are always working on other stuff too