The Devs means the new update is include the tower manager or

I think tower manager will be in the new update as per the structure of the response.

In short:

  • 2.1 will include tower manager and B787 rework and should release in weeks.
  • DEL and A350 rework will arrive later in another update.

Ok, tq

Maybe also reworked Bari will appear in incoming update.

Devs seemed to hint that IAD rework is already in progress and may be out this update as well. I believe that BRI and IAD will be reworked before DEL is released

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BRI, given the level of detail already shown is a long way down the road. Delhi will be a while for sure. Let’s not forget this game is built on the Unity platform/coding and there has just been this huge issue with the licensing. Thankfully looks like calmer heads have prevailed but I would not be surprised at delays for DEL as a result as it’s new content rather than reworked existing content. The 220 I think was finished before all that happened

For sure, DEL is a big project and I would almost certainly guess the A320 family rework would come at the same time. I’m personally not expecting it until early next year.