The impact of the new payout system on various planes

Mainly created this topic so that i know which planes to buy next. Could anyone that has access to all plane types write below how their income has been affected by the new update. Write in for all plane types. I have by now managed to observe the following

ATR: NPC planes make less than before (around 140 on average i think to around 100 average now)
BAE: more or less same for NPC and my planes
BAE©: they make less (avg 450 to avg 390 now)
E170: more or less the same as before
B737 and A320: both have seen a small uptick in income (avg270 to avg 300 now)
B77W: significant increase (i think around 800 before avg 1100 now)

Fill in my missing details or correct what is already written, i didnt use too big of a sample size :slight_smile:

Did you add up the fuel income and the handling income? My experience is that if you add up those 2 the income is slightly bigger.

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B747 Cargo more than 2200W
A 380 up to 21xxW (maybe a little more)
B747 i saw somthing over 1600W
B777 i saw numbers about 1100W

But of course those were max numbers. Now it depends on the long of the flight.

Hi @Mobius_cz,

It doesn’t depend on the length of the flight for guest planes. But it does depend on how much fuel they are taking in.

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i thought it is based on how long was flight to your airfield. Generic traffic B747 from Sydney should take more fuel from your IAD Airport than B747 from Frankfurt. I take a look tomorrow if this is correct :slight_smile:

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I did for all listed planes and i agree with you. Most are either the same or have slightly increased profit. The ATR is the only exception. With it constantly get around 100w or less