This doesn't make any sense

Can I know why is Air India A319 available on routes to NGO, PRG and BRI but not to MCT?
It’s a far distance and although it can reach, it is unrealistic, can that be changed please?


A319s can make the flights, range is 6900km and all the stated routes are under 6900km. However, it was added as a livery candidate before MCT was in development, so the most likely situation will be that we only see it at MCT.

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@ukplanespotter757 is right. When they add them to the list they only add the available or planned airports at that time. In Dec 20, MCT was not on the list for development until February 21. Hence why it was not included.

I think the devs only consider planes which can go to the airport but the plane doesn’t actually go. I mean is that a plane has the capability to fly from Airport A to Airport B but it actually doesn’t go in real life.