Tiered Connection Rewards

Sometimes certain connections are extra enjoyable to send and receive from. Of course there’s nothing stopping you to keep on past the 100 for the Golden Planes-rewards but it could encourage keeping going by intemplating a tier system for more planes handled between a connection.

Perhaps every 100 handled? Or maybe next one 250, then ultimate power at… 4 or 500 - with a superspecial reward? Might need to adjust to the different connections… BRI-INN is a little bit easier than BRI-NGO :rofl:


Maybe at 500 you get a plane just like in the solo level rewards? and below that just golden planes or special visits (not from HAUG.LAND)


I agree, like the visit from Haugland achievement, once we have got one 100 streak, it ups to 200 and we get 2 goldies for the individual achievement, then 4 in total if we get player + actual streak and it goes up as the number goes up.