Time for the next updated version

Looking forward to the next big update, does anyone have any latest information?
Waiting for SYD airport, alliances and other significant changes!


As far as I know I think 2.3.4 will be the allaince update i’m guessing

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OMG yes,

no current time-scale for next release, nothing on deck being tested right now, and I suspect Alliances will be 2.4 or beyond. it’s a major feature, so would unlikely to be in a x.x.x release.


Is syd the next update?

Nope, there will be a 2.3.4 but SYD won’t be on it.

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No reason to assume that and unlikely

Given leak cycle hasn’t really started, it’s likely still a ways out

i’d rather prefer to see some updates on game mechanics before any new content is released.

From what they teased, it appears the next upate will be the smoke coming out of old planes engines such as the AN-12.

It could also include other small features/bug fixes too, but i dont suspect anything big until the update after this one, either being another remodel or something else. Definitely will not be SYD though.

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