Toggle permanent day or night

It would be great if we could select to have permanent day (or night). Personally, I like the day setting much better (although the night textures are superb).

Please consider implementing it in the future.



Won’t happen, it is intended to stay like this although I also want to have day only because I can’t see anything in night time.

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same problem here with summer arriving and more sun on the screen

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Good idea

may I bring this topic back to life? I’ve tried to play the game on a sunny day at the beach but with nightfall ingame it wasn’t that funny. Would be a really good feature.

Rather not to happen. Switch between day and night is instatly set to 20 minutes of continous playing.

I think we should get the option to switch between 20min change, real time status or local time status if possible.

For me l like airport games like this and UATC, if they real daylight savings like Sims, so that we can have day and night real time.

With real time day/night I would have to be awake the whole night to play NGO/SAN at daylight. I would leave it the way it is. Everything has two sides, for me it’s OK as it is.