Top 5 airlines of aircrafts I would like to see

This is like: LOT polish of 787.
My list:

  1. LOT polish of 787
  2. Vistara of 787
  3. U.S. airways of A320.
  4. GOL of 737
  5. Saudi Arabian of 747
    I don’t know the entire list of planes so some might be added already or some doesn’t have connections to the airports like Vistara has connections from only IND-LHR. So I am sorry.
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My top 5 are the following:

  1. Jet2 757
  2. Jet2 737-800
  3. Monarch 737-800
  4. British Airways 737-400
  5. Thomas Cook 757

Lot 787 is already in the game
Jet2 757 is on the consideration list in 2 formats
Condor 757 (not the actual TCX version) is on the consideration list

I would like to see most of the others too :slight_smile:


Condor wouldn’t look right in game, on a 757-200 instead of the -300. At least with the actual TCX livery it could be used on both. Providing the -300 is added of course :laughing:


I would like to go back in time and see these airlines

images (6)
images (8)
images (7)


Does these M-sized airlines connect to IAD/SAN?

no friend, they are brazilian airlines that have already gone bankrupt, the only thing in these photos that still flies is TAM that today merged with LAN to form the famous LATAM. all the others unfortunately do not exist anymore

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In game, it cannot go bankrupt, friend.

kkkkkk this is the goal

I am just super dumb. My brain hurts.