Tracking profitability

When you have an afternoon to kill…
I started a new type of google doc for tracking my planes. There is one tab / plane model. I said, I had an afternoon to kill…so I also entered the data for my AT43 GP grinding planes.
The fun started when we solved how to make it auto-calculate via formulas. Now I can just enter current income and mileage and it sorts it. Presto. Here are my little worker bees current status… :rofl:
It sure was easier when you could spam-buy SAAB 340s and just sell instantly for 1 GP!

Hey @Spull - thank you for sharing this.

Does your screen shot indicate that each flight loses money? How many flights does each make before you sell it for a GP?

I do the same thing with E190s (cost 2x but get 2x GP). I can fly them transatlantic (even to NGO from SAN).

And then, there are those who do the same with L planes.

Have you tried this with larger planes?


Each flight doesnt lose money when I send it (barely though for IAD-SAN), but for these totals it does become negative because of the maintenance and purchase costs. I dont have an exact number of flights that they do, since it varies between SAN/SEA and other far destinations. Right now the calc is for full cycle until D-check. But thanks for making a good point because I will only send these until it’s possible to cash in the GP. Realizing I should recalculate :smiley:

Yes, I’m working on entering all my planes into this new sheet. Ive tracked all of them earlier too, but not with these auto-calculations, which are pretty fun.

That’s smart with the E190, they can go even farther…less work… What are the losses for them? Or rather, what would “Price per GP” turn out to be at the end?