Tracking upcoming landings from connections

I think it would be great to have a view of the upcoming landings from my connections.

The iPhone notifications many times “get lost” for several reasons (no notifications when you play the game, and then you are not aware there are waiting landings in other airports; too many notifications, etc.).

It could be cool if I could see all incoming traffic from my connections, very similar to how I can see where my planes are.

It can be done in the connections view, under arrivals, or even better, in one place for all airports.

Another option: show in 1 place (in the game) all notifications.

It wwould also be nice if the notifications included the exact time of landing (and not “in 1:34 hours).



I agree with all of that! Thanks for posting it! I would love to have a feature like that.

Something like that was planned a few months ago and it still is in the game manual. I was asking for it several times already but sadly it was never deployed anything like that yet.

Right now the only thing what helps a little is the radar. But that’s way too time consuming for a daily use, not in the app and shows only future arrivals - no waiting for landing.

Especially if you play small airports like BRI and you have accepted a random or own L plane 10 seconds before your connection planes arrive it would be really helpful.

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I was mentioning this issue a month ago as well but there were these pictures shared and nothing really happened. Still waiting. I would be the best asset especially we have these huge bars for connections.

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