Traffic Jam on taxiway?

no way! we need another runway too.


it’s a ordinary day in Prague :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually it’s a problem for especially in Prague Airport now. I can’t use my bridges effectively because of this jam.

bad idea to buy the other incoming plane slots then? I only have one and am still getting huge pile-ups (not as big as this one, though…)

Not a bad idea. Just don’t buy too many too early. Moreover, hopefully, the issue will likely be resolved eventually, as the dev continues to make balance adjustments to the game.

is it hard to open the 2nd runway at PRG? e.g. having only S-type planes using the 2nd runway like it happens in realitiy or using one runway for departures and the others for arrivals? it could be combined with another feature like “advanced ATC” that you can unlock for let’s say 20.000w


I was just surfing through the community page worrying if I am the only one who is having this “no second runway” issue, and it turns out I am not alone😂

I hope the second runway can be put into use so we won’t see those long queues again😅

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