Traffic Jam

Got a traffic jam…

it’s a known bug we all have :roll_eyes:

see here:

Yes this intersection is known for problems simetimes (even never happebed to me till now).

Well, sometimes is some understatement if you play the game a lot :innocent:

I’ve just reproduced it with an A380 in the intersection and an A320 and a 787 on the way to the intersection. Since A320 & 787 waited for the A380 to leave it they both came into the holding position and got stuck there. I can see it already when both planes are taxiing that they will get stuck soon. :see_no_evil:

In my eyes the 787s (or A340s) create this problem with a wrong holding point or they need to use another way into the intersection (maybe like when they are going to the R-stands what will create a longer taxi but less jams).

I consider playing a lot and I never saw that so far :slight_smile: also its rather seldom people report that in fact with average 1200 players online :slight_smile:

Anyway that will be adressed in next patch (i think) irrespective if it works/doesnt work for me - reference point will be moved.

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That issue should not be valid (looking on production version now). And it was happening to me with latest release from time to time also.

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Faced the exact same jam this morning again. Please fix. Thanks

It’s a consistent problem I’ve had it happen to me every time I’ve played since I’ve built up my “IAD” level. Will it be something the dev team is working on to find a fix?

@DaRealYCHM Android / IOS ? I guess apple that is not released on apple yet.

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no more jams on android. thx. :raised_hands:

Yes I’m on IOS so as of yet no luck. Looking forward to it. Thanx :hugs:

a new one at IAD:

Notoced by me twice already with that specific S stand and placed on fix list.