Two minor issues

  1. Sometimes the ramp button is active even when the plane is taxing allowing the stairs, buses etc to be dropped on the taxiway and passengers alighting all over the place. Once the plane reaches the parking spot the other services resume normally.

  2. For planes of other players, custom planes, the timer countdown starts shortly after landing and not in the parking bay like the normal planes. This makes these planes almost always delayed for no fault of ours.

That seems like old version dirty code heritage. What should help is to clear cache of game.

Ok. I’m on android. How should I do it? I don’t want to lose the progress already made.

By they way, wonderful game. Really enjoying it. Thank you very much.

Freely translated from Swedish, so don’t take every step too literaly.

Settings -> Apps and Notifications -> World of Airports -> Storage -> Clear both options.

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thans for stepping in @JensK

Thank you both. I got an update the app option directly from the App Store so the system has been updated.