UA 737 cabin lights

The United 737s cabin lights seem to be placed vertically on the fuselage and across one of the wings and horizontal stabiliser.

Also seems the actual light comes from the rear of the aircraft, in vertical streaks up the fuselage.


The lights on the horizontal stabilizer are meant to be there. Those are logo lights.

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Are those logo lights only? I don’t think so. There is no logo on the other horizontal stabilizer.

No, there is a strip of cabin lights stretched along the horizontal stabiliser, along the elevator. Logo lights are central.

See there, that strip isn’t a logo light.

It can be a bug or a logo. I don’t know.

It’s a bug, the white light in the centre of the stabiliser is a logo light, the strip towards the elevator are misplaced cabin lights.

Oh, I think I see what you’re talking about.

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See-through cabin hull probably? :laughing:

Does it depend on the device you use, I’m on a huawei mediapad & I don’t see it

It’s only at night, don’t seem to see it when zoomed out. I’m not sure if it’s device related, as all the other 737s are perfectly fine. Just the United one for me.

Ahh ok sorry was just looking at random ones, odd it’s just one isn’t it :thinking:

Indeed, hopefully it’s fixed in the next update!