Ultra Long Distance Flights

I know there are more important things right now, but maybe an idea for the next months.

Since a while I am wondering why we are able to fly with an A380/B747 from IAD to SYD/SIN (around 15700km/15500km). The distance is too far for a usual nonstop A380/B747 flight (max 15000km to 15400km).

Maybe in future we can introduce a special version of the A350 to fly these ultra long distance flights. Check “Qantas Project Sunrise” for details. It is a very interesting project even though nobody knows if these flights will ever become reality after these days. Nevertheless in our lovely game these flights are reality already, we just need the correct plane.

A similar flight in reality is Singapore Airlines nonstop flight from Singapore to New York (15200km). SQ is using an A350 as well for this route.

An alternative for these flights could be a B777-200LR or the new B777X if Boeing will ever be able to complete it… :wink:

What do you think?