Wat is de reden dat ik deze bestemmingen niet kan unlocken? Nu gestuurd naar bari @Resource

Dat is inderdaad best vreemd… Heb je andere toestellen daarheen gestuurd? Want als er nog een cooldown opzit kan je die inderdaad niet unlocken

I’m sorry that I typed this message in dutch. Now I see it :). I think it might be because the unlock price is more expensive then the amount of money I have?

No I still think that you send a previous airplane on that same voyage. So when you send a BAe to for example Amsterdam, you can not unlock that destination for the M sized planes, since “it is still on cooldown”. I think if you try it tomorrow, without sending any planes out, you can unlock them. Money isnt the issue since the money you have is plenty to unlock them

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No, then I would see a timer. And by the way, I have not unlocked Amsterdam (or any other of the green ones yet).

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Nope, the timer wont show when the destignation isnt unlocked yet for that type of planes. I had this same issue once myself, it is kind of weird so it might be a small bug?
However why it wont show for you the same way is a bit more strange indeed…

However. .if you have unlocked Amsterdam for S planes… you dont have it directly unlocked for M planes aswell. So in this case, it is still possible that the cooldown timer, you cant see (since you havent unlocked the actual flightpath yet for M sized planes) is prohibiting you from buying the route. Like I stated before, try tomorrow to first unlock the flight path with the M sized planes. I am almost 100% sure you can unlock them then (just make sure the M planes leaves before any of your S planes leave)

I have not unlocked amsterdam for my S planes.