Unlocking SXM

Currently working LEJ and wonder if anyone has ideas as to the pax requirements to unlock (future)SXM? I’ve moved plenty of aircraft but mostly cargo

Speculation is that it will be a cargo requirement or a very low passenger requirement considering the low amount of pax stands

Isn´t cargo counted as PAX in statistics? If you see the google statistics It looks like so. Or you can see on other airports your total PAX counter if it changes after dispatching a cargo plane.

For example B734F gives you 200 PAX count on hadling it as it can take 200cargo.
Correct me if I am wrong.

I bet it is gonna be 1M pax to unlock SXM as usually.

I was wrong. C17 adds 12pax, b734f adds 4 pax

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For me, a cargo aircraft adds 1-4 pax possibly linking with the pilots in the aircraft

The amount of pax between 1-4 diffrers on the aircraft teir.

It would certainly fit previous pax goals. The devs haven’t decreased the goal for any airport only kept it the same or increased it. But that would mean LEJ has 1.3mil requirement as MCT also has a 1.3mil requirement to unlock LEJ

Usually it’s 2 passenger and 3 for the 747, never anything over 10

Which would be pure hell to get that amount

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Don’t forget that MCT has more X and L gates than passenger gates at LEJ.

NGO and IAD also had more L/X stands than SAN yet the devs still implemented that 1mil goal to unlock MCT. The justification back then was that the game will become progressively harder.

But SAN still has the M gates to get a high passenger number. LEJ only has a handful of M (pax) gates.

LEJ comes a bit later. If you made it as hard as SAN it wouldn’t make it harder to progress would it?

Who says later airports are supposed to be harder?

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