Upcoming Bug Fixes

Hi all,

This just got posted on the feedback page. No idea on timing, but I know the devs are keen to get these fixes in as soon as they can.

Next round of bug fixes

  • MCT Muscat taxiing bug at old terminal
  • Game crashing issues
  • Leveling bug
  • Stand 1 and 2 missing pushback fix at MCT Muscat airport
  • Sending/Receiving of player L cargo airplanes to BRI Bari airport disabled (due to bug it was able to send it even that BRI has no L cargo stand)

Also, if you haven’t seen it.

New 3D graphic visualisation system to get better FPS on all devices and to remove visual errors.


Didn’t this bug occur when player cargo aircraft were released?

It’s also got me wondering as to whether a PAX/Cargo stand would work. So all cargo stands can take passenger aircraft, and some passenger stands can take Cargo aircraft.

Under which heading is the fix for the various reports of planes getting stuck for minutes before continuing?

I think this is the initial list for the next round. I am sure there are more coming before all said and done.

yes, now you mention it, I think it did for a while.

As for the mix stand theory, I’m not sure how well that would work aesthetically, because the cargo terminals are so far from the rest of the airport (anything after BRI basically) , BRI could work, but we already know how frustrating just having the 2 stands for connections are for example.

It’s a curious thought and maybe some of the hard stands away from the terminals could do this. I am thinking R1-R13 at IAD for example, or 70-75 at PRG, but i doubt it would be implemented any time soon, with so much other stuff to fix and develop.

Well there the apron along the back at MCT, (if someone can send me a top down of the airport I could circle which ones) those could work as mixed stands

Airports like NGO send passenger aircraft to the cargo terminal. MCTs M cargo stands could work as a trial for the system, as they are perfectly placed for passenger and cargo operations.

On a side note, I also noticed an empty hangar next to MCTs L/X cargo stands, are there any plans for this going forward?