Update 1.25.10

Can i start crying about new update?
No, just kidding, i like it.
Just one small problem i have with it. And its about timer on my own planes. Ok i get it why it is, to slow down getting points to leveling, but it would by nice if time dont go, while im out of game, like on generals planes.

And maybe little bug. It look like on B777CG arrive bus instead of fuel cistern. But i have only one, so for now its not 100% confirmed.

Edit: And maybe take back color of plane cart on bottom of screen? Now its same color as my connections plane.

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They will check if wrong object is linked to 777CG - possibly. I have to admit i didn’t noticed that.

Yes, it look like wrong object is linked.

Then its easy fix (one variable to be changed) but it will require release

Will the jetway for the 757 get moved to the L2 door? It currently attaches between the L1 and L2 boarding doors currently.

And I can’t seem to find any of the new destinations, have they been loaded in yet?

Yeah, that looks terrible.

But the B757 has many more problems.:unamused:

Hails on the nose

Color problem on the fuselage


Missing cargo doors


After the update the game cant start even on my old tablet.
It was running untill now…I lost 50 gold planes last night investment.
Can you please make the game login by email or something?
This Google play s*it lost so much players.
Speacially with new phones.

I think the biggest pity of this update is that the devs made B777-300ERSF and not B777F, based on B777-200. This means that all livery with the B777-200 on the feedback page will be used on the B777-300. :confused: