Update 1.31.0, what is confirmed so far?

I’m pretty sure most of us are hyped for the Muscat airport and everything that will be added…
So I made a list of all confirmed things (if I am mot mistaken) for 1.31
-Muscat airport (obviously)

  • Embraer E170
  • advanced model of Embraer E190
  • new fuel trucks
  • kuwait A330-202
  • Oman A330-202
  • FlyDubai B737-800
  • lots of destinations that I am not gonna list cuz I am lazy
    ---- Now the things that we might get (or we are getting but they are not confirmed). ------------------
  • A330-303
  • Airlines based in Middle East (MEA, Air Arabia, Arkia, blablablabla)
  • (highly unlikely) ATR76F
  • (highly unlikely) Advanced 757-200
  • A huge batch of liveries (when SAN was released, lots of liveries got released as well).
    That’s all. If I’ve made an unexpected mistake, let me know and I’ll edit this. Thanks!

Just a random thought, won’t the update be 1.40.0?

With a bit of luck more aircraft will begin to get new sounds. Seems to have been put on hold since the release of the 737-400.

I’ll drop the link here, so people can check the feedback forum directly from the thread.
World of Airports - Feedback

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Sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I meant to write 1.4.

hopefully also some major bugs will be resolved.

e.g. sound on although your settings says off when you start the game, liveries not unlockable although you have enough keys…

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An update is nice, but without a proper and logical pricing for freight and pax will be useless, we hope the devs rectify this first and all airports

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What about

What about this added feature for SAN and Mascat?

This js the lineup, which is in game, unless I’m seeing something wrong

What is that black thing behind that man?

It is the animation of how was the plane marshalling done

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I think Rito wants to know what plane that is.

No, I want to know what that black thing is behind that man.

Backpack with lunch?

Maybe a bagpack.