Update 1.5.3 released

Should fix some of the issues from 1.5.2

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Does anyone know what are the changes. I have updated but not played yet. I would love to go back to the old landing system. And not getting stuck in PRG.

The arrival system has been heavily toned down, so much better than it was in 1.5.2. Aircraft will also arrive in the order they are in on the arrivals board as well.

Not sure where to write this but is anyone getting a black screen when trying to enter NGO. I can hear all the aircrafts but can’t see anything, all other airports are working correctly

I preferred older landing system. Now my large aircrafts come at last and if I run out of slots for S and M in my airport, random connection L and X start landing (my S and M connection are disabled). It forgets about my L & X in queue. Then once all S and M are done then L & X land.

Earlier onces i use to complete Washington airport in 45 mins (all my landing and then all connection fill up open slots). Now it’s nearly 1 hr 30 mins first S then M then L and last X. We need 20 mins alone for X, overall 30 mins just to handle all my X.

Earlier our L and X used to get priority over S and M.

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Yes, I think for player planes the larger planes should have the highest landing priority. Players who want a quick play can have their fun that way just as players who spend hours playing.

For non-player planes it should be randomised to make a great realistic game play. Realism is not really applicable for player airplanes. Airports that operate their own airline is not really realistic, is it? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

but who said the Airport owned the player planes, they don’t. To the airport it’s just another airline. Remember we don’t manage airport operations outside of airside. The ramp staff are often outsourced or employed by the airline in real life anyway, so the only intrusion into airport life is the ATC side and even then, we (like the airline staff in real life) select the gates used.
So all we are, are running aircraft operations at 8 specific airports. The fact that we manage operations for generics etc. is actually more testament to that situation.

Well… the game mixes quite a few aspects together. Which is great. I mean we manage parts of the airport, parts of airlines… But the focus of the game is still the airport… Look at the name :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was just pointing out that for the sake of gameplay prioritising large player planes does make sense, especially since it already prioritises player planes in general. Or do you argue with that? As I see it, that way every type of player can be happy playing in his preferred style.

I have just noticed that for me a mobile game is something completely different than a desktop game. I prefer to play mobile games casually. 10 minutes here, 30 minutes there, 20 minutes there. Not really 3 hours fully concentrated. Which you have to do if you want to handle planes without penalties.

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After this update I realised how boring the game becomes with S first, M second, L third and X fourth.
Let’s take an example of PRG. I have 3 X, 5 L, 30 M, 22 S. And slots wise 15 S, 19 M, 3 L, 2 X, 2 L/X.
While playing first 15 S will come, then 19 M. By the time M start parking in slots S will be going to destination. So ready of S will arrive now. If we are not rushing arrivals and 3:1 ratio is running. M will start leaving as well and new M will take that place. But hold on, S &M are still in taxiway, waiting to take off. So no new M can park. (30 mins gameplay)
Once all M complete now it will start landing L and X. Each L take 2 mins to land, taxi, park, 8 mins average to handle. Each X takes 15+ mins avg to handle. (40 mins of gameplay to handle 3 X and 5 L).
How can you expect a mobile user to play 70 mins all together. Do not even get me started on MCT. It took me 95 mins to complete 20 S, 30 M, 2 L and 1 X. By the time I was finishing 2 of my S planes made a round trip.

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I’ve found a way to mix up the arrivals is to go back to the main menu after you first open the game on an airport without doing anything, then reopen the airport and the arrivals should be mixed. As long as you have no s player aircraft on the ground you shouldn’t lose any other aircraft or their progress

Thank you very much for this tip! Slightly annoying you have to do this but it does seem to work!

Well I see they have done some update. If i don’t send out S type and fill all slots with S and M, then remaining L & X start landing. Thar is the only option.