Update is finally here

Update is finally here. Super excited to check out the new INN 3D terrain and the new a319.


I’ve just updated, and I’m wondering where the Jet2 livery for the 737 is. It was added and shown to be in this update but not seen in the hangar.

are the levels reset?

No, they added an additional level

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passenger bus??
how is it??

Looks awesome, at least in my opinion


Can we please get the pax-statistic back in this menu?


Look at all those goldies.

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Hi, i did the update on IOS v1.30.5
I have a bug with small airplanes. the Handling stops some buttons are on time 0:00 and don’t go green. After reboot of the game the planes are gone or take off. Mean while the other planes work fine.


Do not accept S planes. I handle only M and bigger ones :slight_smile:

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Could it be that you had connection problems before that?

The pax-statistics can be seen in the trophy icon to the right of the player’s name.

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Will I tell my NGO plans?

This is only shown for airports that has been unlocked with the passenger-achievement. SAN has no pax counter.

I don’t know about that. I only play in INN and it’s in the trophy icon where I can see its pax-statistics.

I have the same issue, annoying… You can simply return to the main menu and resume, it also fixes it.

I had the same problem earlier at BRI, handling stopped and counter run on. No possibility of using the speed buttons. Seems like a bug

edit, oh there is a bug-topic about it already