Update is out for both systems (Android and IOS)

1.40.4 is out releasing bug thread now


Looks like the update is missing some things

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Still waiting for the updates :rofl:

4 new planes, WOApedia and …


Too bad there is no info about plane changes, like time service, cost of fuel, change in income.
Especially now about time service, because in different airport time service for same plane too different…

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why does it take ages to download??? It has been over 1.5 hours and 1/3 is downloaded. jeez

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like it could be the internet speed, but I am not sure.

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Must be the internet speed. My download took just a few seconds.


Well it was afire that burned down the tower so the whole county lost phone, and a significantly weaker internet. :disappointed_relieved: Its being fixed… lol but out of my control.

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I guess this can be a stand up line

4 new planes, WOApedia and … /O (rimshot)

Are the service times supposed to be slower or is this a new bug?

what country you in? If one tower takes down the whole country’s internet…

Or new feature, not mentioned in patch list.

county/municipality. is not a count(R)y. Its just a small village with 2800 so fiber internett is not cost efficient as in a city. :moneybag: but we had 5G until the fire a few days ago. :slight_smile:

Was this this accedantal?Screenshot_20211031-173430_World of Airports

I don’t see anything odd… Can you tell me what’s wrong?

No thing worng, just the MCT a343 from south african has the same flight number as the type of plane, if you take out the S that is.

And if you take out the 2 on the money it makes one of the other new planes, the a306. Just noticed that now, lol

I hope it’s not as it’s kinda ruined the game for me as the timers drag too long

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