Update soon?

Hi, I love this game been playing for a couple days now on the iOS version gotten to BARI and almost half way through but I’m wondering if there are going to be any more updates. I saw that the last couple were decently close together and there hasn’t been any for a month just wondering if there’s going to be a big update or what’s going on thx.

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I’m waiting too, it’s taking a little longer than the last few times I think


It should be coming soon.
From the hints that have been dropped it will be

IAD cargo
Some new airlines (a couple of which might be seen at BRI)
New player livery’s (need stuff for golden airplanes to pay the bills)

I am sure there will be bug fixes and the like too, we will see if anything else arrives too


Thx, honestly best mobile game I have played in so long. This game has a lot of potential.


I think we just have to be patient. Due to COVID-19 i think the devs do not have much time.


My hope was that they would have got more time but it seems not to be so. :wink: